About Mandy's Candles

Our Promise

Our promise is simple – 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase. We believe that using high quality products should not come with a high price tag, that is why we use high quality coconut wax and non toxic fragrances. Every new item is put through a process before we release it to the public. This insures us that the product is safe and ready for you to enjoy.    



Our Story

Mandy's Handcrafted Scented Candles LLC. was founded in Suffolk, Virginia, by a husband and wife team. Our humble beginnings as a simple candle-making business at home and going through all the pitfalls in the world of business. We have been lucky enough to push forward and grow. We believe that no matter what challenges arise, we can overcome them. Our goal is to bring warmth and joy to every home. We are inspired by passion, faith, and determination. We hope you enjoy the items we make as much as we enjoy making them.